Tonlé Sap

19 05 2011

My friend Patty was asking me if I had photos that her non-profit employer could use for their new website. I knew I had something that would work for them. I would just have to find it.

I started going through my old photos and realized I have a lot of old photos that need to get organized. I also realized that how much my photography has improved, and I’m pretty happy about it.

After an extended search, I found a handful and liked these two the most. I re-post-processed (if that’s even a word) them, and well… here they are

boy boat ride

girl Tonlé Sap


Baby Lilah

2 05 2011

I got to meet baby Lilah.  She’s another really great baby.  She was super calm when I came to meet her, and she just did her thing and looked cute, which was really easy for her to do.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the family dog laying on the other side of her  as if he were watching over her while I took a couple photos

baby eyes

baby eyes smile

Douggie at the Zoo

24 04 2011

It’s been a long long time since I’ve last posted any photos. I’ve gotten busy with a bunch of other things and now have a huge backlog of photos that I need to finish editing post, including some football and a wedding. Here’s one to get the ball rolling again.

I was at the zoo with little Douggie and he just took a quick look over the bench and shot a smile. He’s such a happy kid.

Douggie bench  zoo

Dinner and Karaoke

25 06 2010

The Eastmans decided to throw me a birthday dinner, and I had a great time spending it with family and close friends . It seems like you can never go wrong when you have great company.

sing karaoke friends

parents couple dancing

Let’s see more photos

A couple more of Doug

11 03 2010

I got to hang out with Doug and Bory some more, and while I was there, baby Doug was acting cute again so I had to snap a couple.  He’s opening his eyes more and becoming more active which is wonderful to see.

Constant also came down for a visit where he got to hold baby Doug for the first time.

baby face eyes smile

holding baby

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Jade Buddha for Universal Peace

28 02 2010

I had the chance to see the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace on February 14th at the Phap Vuong Monastery in Escondido. The Jade Buddha for Universal Peace is the world’s largest Buddha carved out of gem-quality jade.  It’s almost 10 feet tall, and weighs almost 4 tons, and been valued at $5million!!  The Buddha is on a world wide tour, stopped in Escondido, and left on the 16th to continue it’s tour.

The day I saw it happened to be the lunar new year, which is commonly celebrated as Chinese New Year and Tet, Vietnamese New Year, which helped contribute to it being a cool experience because I’m sure more people were visiting it than normal.  Entire families of grandparents, parents, and grandchildren were coming out together.  I’m pretty sure there were even families with great grandparents.  It was awesome seeing all these families coming out together to pray for a good upcoming year.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Jade Buddha for Universal Peace at Phap Vuong Monastery
One more photo

Circus Fund – Trapeze

26 02 2010

We found out about Circus Fund through an online coupon.  It’s a non-profit flying trapeze school that offers a bunch of different classes from trapeze to aerial fabric to aerial hoop…  I was supposed to take trapeze lessons with some friends, and we were all very excited about it.  Unfortunately, I tore my ACL so I wasn’t able to participate.  However, that allowed me to take photos.  The group at Circus Fund had a ton of energy and made it a great experience for everyone.  Everyone had a ton fun!  I can’t wait for my knee to get better so that I can go try it out!

group photo

splits catch

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